Martingale Research FAQ

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What kind of company are you?

  • Applied research and development
  • Application solutions
  • Data exploitation and modeling
  • Custom software
  • Consulting
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What do you do?

Applications development for a broad range of clients that incorporates advanced technologies, including (but not limited to):

Neural Networks Data Exploratory Analysis (Data Mining)
Signal Processing Consulting Services
Image Processing Systems Engineering
Pattern Recognition Computer Systems Analysis
Statistical Modeling Proposal Engineering
Custom Mathematical Algorithms Risk Analysis / Risk Management
Genetic Algorithms Cost Engineering

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What kind of applications have you done?

  • Database Mining / Exploitation
    • NIAAA Phase I and Phase II SBIR
  • Metal Fatigue Detection
    • National Science Foundation Phase I and Phase II SBIR
  • Speech Recognition
    • U.S. Army ARDEC Phase I and Phase II SBIR
  • Adaptive Control Systems
    • NASA Phase I, Phase II SBIR, U.S. Army ARDEC Phase I, Phase II SBIR
  • Automatic Target Tracking
    • U.S. Navy NSWC Phase I, Phase II SBIR
  • Signal Identification
    • Industry Client
  • Video Databases
    • Commercial Client
  • Online Help System
    • Commercial Client
  • Distributed System Performance Model
    • Commercial Client
  • Proposal Support
    • Various Commercial Clients
  • Neural Networks Research
    • U.S. Air Force, DARPA, NSF, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy
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Do you have any core technologies?

  • Parametric Avalanche Stochastic Filter Neural Network
    • Implementation of Quantum Neurodynamics - dynamical systems modeling
    • Applies methods of quantum mechanics to nonlinear dynamical systems
    • Designed to handle temporal data processing
  • Constrained Categorical Regression Modeling System
    • Neural network-based data modeling system
    • Analyzes input-output relationships within datasets
    • Used for database mining, statistical analysis
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How long have you been around?

  • Founded 1985
  • Incorporated 1986
  • D&B listed
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What can you do for me?

  • Custom solutions involving engineering, analysis, software or all three
  • Consulting for a wide range of problems
  • Technical services - including data analysis, proposal support, project engineering, computer systems support
  • Custom software solutions
  • End-user applications development
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