Custom Computing Solutions

Many of the services required by our clients involve the development or extension of specialized software solutions. We can provide custom software development, using a variety of development languages, to meet your special needs. We provide up-front cost/schedule projections, and we stick to them. Our engineers and staff have experience in developing business applications, including databases, accounting systems, and decision support systems. We have extensive experience in developing custom solutions involving advanced technologies, including image and signal processing, pattern recognition, data analysis and exploitation, and real-time processing.

Martingale Research Custom Programming Benefits

  • Experienced Professional Staff
  • Accurate Development Estimates
  • On Time Deliveries


Our engineers and programming staff can deliver programs in many languages. We use structured development methodologies, including Yourdon-DeMarco and Gane-Sarson, and maintain a tight control over the development process in order to ensure timely, on-budget deliveries.

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