Systems Engineering

Meeting the needs of the customer means spending the effort to completely analyze the expected system environment, understand the end users, conceptualize an appropriate and affordable architecture, and effectively communicate issues among all parties.

At Martingale Research Corporation, our experience in both large and small systems development translates to on-time and on-budget deliveries for your application. We apply Quality Function Deployment as a concept definition and constraint discovery technique to assure that any proposed design meets the customer's needs. We are experts in the requirements analysis and allocation process and utilize the guidelines of MIL-STD-499 as the basis of our systems engineering approach for our government customers.

Without a thorough understanding of the end-user environment, many projects fail to achieve all that they could. Martingale Research provides the necessary focus on "user-friendliness" that means the difference between a one-time project and a repeat customer. We can provide support for operational considerations, human factors in design and maintenance, and human-computer interfaces.

Key Benefits of Applying Martingale Research's Systems Engineering

  • Experienced staff understands "real-world" project development constraints and objectives
  • Commitment to completing the job, not just delivering a consulting report
  • Martingale Research becomes a part of the team, not just an outside expert
  • Integrated application of computer-aided tools, experience, and engineering knowledge


Systems Architectures

Whether your application fits on a single microprocessor or is a distributed system spanning hundreds of powerful networked computers and workstations, Martingale Research has the experience and expertise to synthesize an optimum systems architecture. We specialize in integration of commercial hardware and software with custom-developed components for added value to our customers.

System and Performance Modeling

Prediction and analysis of system performance is critical to a project's success. Martingale Research has the necessary background to effectively analyze your application, extract critical performance metrics, and present the results as recommendations, reports, or design concepts. Martingale Research simulation experience includes Monte Carlo methods and modeling using tools. We also apply a healthy dose of common sense to our analysis activities, because we always remember that models can only approximate the real world, not replace it.

Risk Management

Effectively managing risk is critical both for winning and successfully executing projects. Martingale Research has a broad background in risk analysis for complex, high-technology developments. We are experienced in utilizing the risk analysis and mitigation guidelines of DoD 4245.7M, MIL-STD-1521B, and other U.S. Government standards. We apply a broad range of tools to your program, including risk quantification, Delphi techniques, experiential analysis, Churchman-Ackoff probability analysis, dependency matrices, network analysis, and Monte Carlo projections.

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