Consulting Services

In addition to the technologies we have developed in-house for our clients, we offer consulting services that directly apply our expertise towards solving problems for our clients. We offer both analytical and engineering services, including software development, systems engineering and systems analysis. Our staff are all degreed professionals, are active in various professional societies, and actively seek to improve their expertise on an ongoing basis.

Custom Computing Solutions

We offer custom software development for a variety of platforms, including PCs and UNIX workstations. Our staff can develop software in a variety of languages, including both graphical and non-graphical environments. We specialize in scientific computing applications.

Systems Engineering

An important component of a successful development project is good systems engineering up front, whether the project is commercial or a government project. We offer extensive systems engineering experience, including requirements analysis, modeling and simulation, and risk management.

Systems Analysis

Analytical services are available for a wide variety of problems, including algorithms development, statistical analysis, data/database analysis, and empirical and phenomenological analysis.

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