Systems Analysis

Martingale Research offers analytical services for our clients that require specialized expertise in the areas of pattern recognition, algorithms development, statistical analysis, data reduction, and mathematical modeling. Our in-house staff and our associate staff can provide expertise to solve the toughest problems, within a reasonable time and budget.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced staff with proven problem-solving track record
  • On-site or off-site availability, depending on the need
  • Emphasis on complete documentation of results at project completion


  • Applied Mathematics
    • Custom mathematical algorithms
    • Analysis / derivation
    • Modeling
  • Neural Networks
    • Development, testing, and implementation
    • Backpropagation (several flavors and varieties)
    • Kohonen self-organizing map (SOM)
    • Constrained Categorical Regression
    • Time-delay neural network (TDNN)
    • Polynomial Nets
    • Functional link maps
    • Fuzzy neural nets
    • Genetic Algorithm optimization
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Analysis of data statistics and regularities
    • Interpretation of correlations and data quantities
    • Identification of anomalies and data entry problems
    • Advanced methods for data representation
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